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Best ideas for playing and customizing Jenga® GIANT™ - numbered jenga giant

Top family game night ideas with Jenga® GIANT™ game

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Daily routines and life, in general, have become very hectic, and things seem to go faster than they did years ago. Sharing with our loved ones is now very tricky, because we have to juggle so many things. Organizing a game night is a great way to enjoy quality time with the whole family. Games can be adjusted so that toddlers, kids, teenagers, and even seniors can join in the fun. This creative entertainment will be the quality family time you are looking for!

Gather your family at least once a month for a wonderful night full of games and fun. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game is the perfect game for keeping the whole family engaged for hours. Even during holidays or vacations, you can enjoy this game anywhere you go, since it is easy to transport anywhere. Starting a fun family tradition has never been easier. Bring the family together with these top family game night ideas with Jenga® GIANT™ game!

Top family game night ideas with Jenga® GIANT™ game

Your Jenga® GIANT™ game is one of the best board games in existence! It brings the fun of Classic Jenga®, but with GIANT pieces making the game twice as fun. Make space in your living room, back yard, or anywhere to play different ways with your Jenga® GIANT™ game. Discover five top family game night ideas with your Jenga® GIANT™ game.

1. Traditional Jenga® GIANT™ game

Stack your Jenga® GIANT™ game pieces to the top and try to defy gravity. Take turns removing and stacking the blocks, but don’t let the fun distract you from the competition. Anticipation builds to a crashing climax!

2. Musical Jenga® GIANT™ game

Music makes everything better! Challenge your family to dance while they pull out blocks from the tower. If the song stops before you have pulled out a block, you have to take out two blocks, doubling your chances of toppling the tower.

3. Charades Jenga® GIANT™ game

If you have a big family, this idea for your Jenga® GIANT™ game is perfect. Put numbers on each block, then make a list of songs, movies, famous people, or anything from pop culture to history. Divide your family into two teams, and pick a captain for each team. The captain must choose a player from their team to remove a block, then look at the number and to act out each syllable of a word or phrase related to the list. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

4. Activity Jenga® GIANT™ game

Using your Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker, write down activities on the 54 precision-crafted hardwood blocks. Activities can range from handstands, cartwheels, jumping jacks, yoga poses, or anything you and your family members might find challenging and fun. The main aim is for each family member to slide out a block and carry out the activity written on it. This idea will not only entertain your family, it will keep them in top shape. It’s your move!

5. Color Jenga® GIANT™ game

For this idea, you will need six different colors. Paint the edges of each Jenga® GIANT™ game block with the different colors and stack them. Using a dice, paint the sides with the same six options as before and throw it to indicate which color you must take out. If there is not a removable block of that color, roll again. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game has never been this challenging. You can no longer freely choose the block you want to remove and stack, but the restriction makes the game even more exciting. Experience this colorful adventure every time you play!

All the fun of Classic Jenga® but GIANT!

Use these top ideas to make family game nights a wonderful tradition! Discover our giant Jenga® games at, pick the one you like most, and don’t forget to have Giant-sized fun!