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How to play with your Jenga® game like a professional

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The Jenga® game is always fun, it can be played anywhere, and by adding various accessories you can even play different versions of the game. However, to be really good at playing your Jenga® game, you have to keep several things in mind.

First, consider your opponents’ skill level: are they experienced players or amateurs? Second, be aware of the materials used in your game: the Jenga® blocks come in slightly different sizes and can be made from various hardwoods. Our tips and tricks apply differently to the different types of material. A fair knowledge of physics comes in handy when learning to perfect your Jenga® game skills, since the friction and weight of the blocks affects how they react.

Keep this in mind as you consider the following five tips for playing with your Jenga® game.

Discover five tips for how to be good at playing the Jenga® game!

These five tips will help you keep the Jenga® structure stable, build the tower higher, and play your Jenga® game like a professional.

1. Remove the center blocks first

When playing your Jenga® game, always keep the tower as stable as possible. To become a master of the Jenga® tower, start by removing the center blocks first, never the sides! If you take away as many center pieces as possible, your opponent will be forced to take side pieces. Removing the side blocks will destabilize the structure and increase the chances of a tower collapse. But be careful! You will also have only side pieces to move! (Before you follow this tip, make sure to perfect this move: Push a side block to the empty center so you can remove the other side block on that level).

2. Push the blocks

To maintain a stable structure as you remove the center pieces, the best technique is to push the blocks; never pull them. Pulling the blocks may put too much force on the tower, increasing the odds of toppling it. By pushing or gently tapping the blocks, the likelihood of collapse decreases, and you can slowly slide out the piece without toppling the tower.

3. Balance it out

When taking pieces off the tower and putting them at the top, keep in mind that balance is an important factor. To become a builder of the highest tower, whether with classic or Jenga® GIANT™ game blocks, take a piece from one side of the tower and place it on the opposite side. If you take a piece from the left side, make sure you place it on the right side when you put it on top. This will keep the weight correctly distributed and reduce the chances of the tower crashing on your turn.

4. Use your non-dominant hand

Jenga® game rules establish that you can only use one hand at a time. Alternating between your dominant hand and your non-dominant hand will allow you to develop manual dexterity. This will work in your favor when moving Jenga® game pieces at different angles and it will increase your ability to maintain the tower’s stability.

5. Take your time

Last but not least, take your time when it's your turn. Taking a minute to gently tap each block in order to find a loose one before removing it is one more way to improve your control of the tower.

If you can master these different strategies, you are on the road to becoming a great Jenga® game player. It’s your move!

Keep these tips in mind to learn how to be good at playing with your Jenga® game! Get ready to challenge friends and family. Discover our Jenga® GIANT™ games and other Jenga® brand games at Pick the one you like most and start to play!