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Jenga® block ornaments

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You have probably discovered that your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks can be used to build toy castles and roads, and you might also know they can be made into functional objects and personalized gifts for family and friends. Now, with your creativity and holiday spirit, you can extend this versatility into the holiday season. You’ll be surprised at the unique and lovely Jenga® block ornaments and decorations you can make. Discover a range of Jenga® block ornaments you can create with your Jenga® GIANT™ and classic Jenga® blocks! Decorate your home or give these DIY ornaments as gifts.

Upcycle your Jenga® GIANT™ and classic Jenga® blocks into Jenga® block ornaments

Would you like to repurpose your Jenga® GIANT™ game to build Jenga® ornaments for your home and to give as gifts? You’ll be surprised at what you can make with a bit of concentration and creativity. Did you ever think that by painting, arranging, and gluing the blocks in various ways you could create beautiful Christmas decorations? To turn your Jenga® GIANT™ game blocks into quirky, pretty, and festive ornaments, all you need is a spark of creativity.

You can make ornaments with Jenga® GIANT™ and classic Jenga® blocks

Your Jenga® blocks are so versatile, they can be transformed into a surprising range of Jenga® block ornaments. Not only do Jenga® blocks provide entertainment and opportunity for interaction, but they are also the perfect ingredients for your inner artistry. Imagine inviting your family and friends over, not only to play this great game, but to have fun making Christmas ornaments. With some hot glue, water-resistant paint, and a few other easy-to-come-by supplies, everyone can enjoy building and decorating objects to take home or give as gifts.

1. Make a Jenga® GIANT™ SNOWFLAKE

Here’s a Jenga® block holiday ornament you will love making! Your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks can be transformed into a beautiful snowflake to create a wintry holiday atmosphere in your home. To build a snowflake, start by painting the blocks with bright white, water-resistant paint. When the paint has dried, arrange the blocks in the shape of a snowflake. Using a hot glue gun, attach the ends of one block to another. Hang your beautiful wooden snowflake on your door to welcome guests!

2. Make a HOLIDAY STAR with Jenga® GIANT™ or classic Jenga® blocks

You can use your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks to make a large festival star, or classic Jenga® blocks to make a smaller one. Paint the blocks with bright gold or silver paint. Add glitter for extra sparkle and pizazz. When the paint dries, lay the blocks in the shape of a star. Hot glue the ends of blocks together. Make another layer on top to turn your star into a more substantial object. You can lean the finished star on a mantel or shelf, or attach an eyelet screw with string for hanging. Now you have a unique and colorful holiday star to decorate your home or give as a gift!

3. Make a framed holiday sign with Jenga® GIANT™ blocks

Using your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks, you can create a range of different shaped frames or signs, from square to rectangle to hexagonal. With your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks, some hot glue, and a festive picture to display, you are set. Paint the blocks vivid, holiday-themed colors. After you have created the frame, hot glue a thin piece of wood in the back for added structure and strength. If you prefer, hot glue twine or ribbon for hanging; or attach a small eyelet screw on top. These frames and signs make great gifts!

4. Make Jenga® block ornaments for your tree or living room

Turn your classic Jenga® blocks into ornaments to represent each member of your family. Start by painting a Jenga® block their favorite color. With a permanent marker, write their name in pretty calligraphy, or draw something you think they might like. Attach festive ribbon or twine on the top of the ornament with hot glue. Or, put a small screw eye hook on top and thread the ribbon or twine through it. You can create a perfect, personalized tree ornament for every family member!

Let the fun begin! Make gorgeous ornaments with your Jenga® GIANT™ and classic Jenga® blocks. Discover our giant Jenga® games at, and pick the one you like most. Make and build an unexpected assortment of Jenga® block ornaments for the holidays.