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How to make your Jenga® game more challenging

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How to make your Jenga® game more challenging

Your Jenga® game comes with a few challenges of its own. You need to learn how to slide the blocks, stack the blocks you take out, and discover the best strategy to win the game. You need to study your opponents’ tactics to figure out if you need to alter your strategy. If you are playing with a Jenga® GIANT™ game, you need to be aware of the playing surface and which direction it may cause the tower to lean and fall. Removing and placing Jenga® blocks takes focus, well-honed motor skills, and precision to keep the tower from toppling as long as possible!

The fact is, your Jenga® game is so versatile that, by making simple changes, you can increase the challenge of playing. From adding physical exercise to incorporating command games such as Simon Says, your Jenga® game can become a refreshing challenge for your friends and family. Discover 4 tweaks and creative add-ons to make your Jenga® game harder to play.

Discover 4 tweaks and creative add-ons to make your Jenga® game harder

Make your Jenga® game more challenging by adding these tweaks to any Jenga® game:

1. Command Jenga® game

We have all played versions of the Simon Says game or similar command games. Your Jenga® game is the perfect companion for this childhood game. By using a Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker to write commands on the blocks, you can introduce new and fun-filled challenges. When a player takes out a block, they must follow the command written on it. Try commands such as “take an extra turn” or “use your non-dominant hand on your next turn.” Keep your friends and family on their toes! It’s your move!

2. Physical Jenga® game

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Imagine adding a physical challenge to your Jenga® game! By asking players to exert themselves physically before making a move, a new angle is incorporated into the game. See what 40 jumping jacks or 30 crunches will do to your motor skills. Not only will muscles get tighter while playing the Jenga® game, but players will face the ultimate test when they try to make their moves while shaking with fatigue.

3. Double Jenga® GIANT™ game

A Jenga® GIANT™ Genuine hardwood game is made from 54 precision cut, high quality, polished hardwood blocks, and can stack to over 4 feet high in play. Imagine adding 2 of these games together to play with a tower over 8 feet high! This challenge is only for adults! Not only does the height make the foundation of the tower more unstable, but it requires more concentration to move each block. Double the anticipation while building to a crashing climax!

4. Jenga® Stack and Pass game

If playing on the table is not challenging enough for you, now you can play the Jenga® Stack and Pass game. The idea is to place your Jenga® game on a playing surface which you can pick up and pass to the next opponent. Not only does it take steady hands to remove and replace the blocks, but you will also need extra steadiness and strength to pass the platform. Turns are not counted as successful until the handoff to the opponent is complete.

Get ready to make your Jenga® game more challenging. Learn how to make your Jenga® game more challenging. Discover our Jenga® GIANT™ games and other Jenga® brand games at Pick the one you like most, and tweak it for a bigger challenge!