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Best ideas for playing and customizing Jenga® GIANT™ - numbered jenga

How to play numbered Jenga® GIANT™? All you need to know

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One of the many perks of your Jenga GIANT™ game is that it can be played in so many different ways that your friends and family will never get bored. Your Jenga GIANT™ game can be used to break the ice among coworkers, at a party so your guests can get to know each other, to challenge your family during a game night, or even to help teach your children math. A great way to play with your Jenga GIANT™ game is to add numbers.

Your Jenga GIANT™ game is unlike any other board game. By adding numbers in different ways, your Jenga GIANT™ game transforms into a new game within seconds. Its versatility will make you the perfect host of any event since it can adapt to any setting. Learn how to play numbered Jenga® GIANT™!

Learn how to play numbered Jenga® GIANT™

There are different ways to play numbered Jenga® GIANT™. Adding numbers in different ways to your Jenga® GIANT™ game can not only entertain guests; it can also be used in different settings. You can use it to teach children math exercises including multiplication, or even use it to help team building within your company. Here are four different ways to add numbers to your Jenga® GIANT™ game.

1. Dice and your Jenga® GIANT™ game

One of the best ways to play with your Jenga® GIANT™ game is to add regular dice to your Jenga® GIANT™ game to raise the stakes! The aim of the game is simple: roll the dice, then take out as many pieces as indicated on the dice. Your guests will love the thrill of having to extend their turn and increase their chances of toppling the tower. Anticipation builds to a crashing climax!

2. Multiplication Jenga® GIANT™ game

Use our erasable Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker to write numbers from 1 to 36 on your Jenga® GIANT™ blocks. Then, use two six-sided dice to roll before each turn and multiply the numbers shown on the dice. The result will be the number you have to search and pull out from the tower. If the number is for a block in the level just below an incomplete top level, re-roll the dice to choose a different block. This game is perfect for primary school children to reinforce their multiplication tables in a fun and interactive way.

3. Math Jenga® GIANT™ game

If you are a teacher looking for alternative and amusing ways to teach math formulas to your students, your Jenga® GIANT™ game may be the perfect tool. Add different formulas to the sides of the blocks and challenge your students to solve them. Divide your students into teams, and for each formula they guess correctly without toppling the tower, they will receive a point for their team. The easiest formula is not always the easiest block to slide off, so it’s double the risk. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

4. Breaking the ice numbered Jenga® GIANT™ game

Are you hosting a party where not all your guests know each other? Use your Jenga® GIANT™ game to break the ice by adding numbers. Prepare 54 cards with different questions. For example: what do you do for a living, how many siblings do you have, what is your favorite movie, etc.? Once you have a list with all the questions, use our erasable Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker to mark on the side of the blocks the same amount of numbers. The main idea is for your guest to take out a block with a number, then ask the other guests the question on the list which matches that number. This will help initiate conversation among your guests and help them feel more comfortable. However, don’t get lost in the moment, since the first to topple the tower will receive a dare from the rest of the group. It’s your move!

Add numbers to your Jenga® GIANT™ game and boost the fun! Use these top ideas to make your Jenga® GIANT™ game even more unforgettable! Discover our giant Jenga® games at, pick the one you like most, and don’t forget to have Giant-sized fun!