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Fitness Jenga® GIANT™: make exercise more fun!

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Did you ever think that you could have friends over after work and still exercise at the same time? Incorporating exercise into our busy lives can be a challenge, however, it has been proven that it is necessary for a healthy life. Well, your Jenga® GIANT™ game is so versatile you can use it to get fit while having fun with your guests or family.

Your Jenga® GIANT™ game never ceases to surprise with its adaptability while entertaining everyone! It can help you boost your fitness workouts and take the challenge of playing the game itself to another level. You can exercise your muscles and keep your mind ship-shape while avoiding crashing the tower. It is also a great way to introduce your children to exercise routines as well as share in a full body workout as a family. Get your body moving and become a Jenga® GIANT™ master while making exercise fun!

Exercise ideas for your fitness Jenga® GIANT™ game

These 4 ideas on what exercises to include in your Jenga® GIANT™ game will have you sweating to avoid crashing the tower!

Preparing your fitness Jenga® GIANT™ game

In order to use your Jenga® GIANT™ game as a fitness partner, you will need a white Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker to write some of the exercises, described below, on each block. Exercise can vary from cardio activities to even timed-interval activities. Since there are 54 pieces, you may choose to repeat the exercises if you want to focus on a specific muscle group or add different exercises for a full body challenge. Mix the pieces, build the Jenga® GIANT™ tower, and get ready to sweat!

Fitness Jenga® GIANT™: Legs

Leg days are probably the hardest days of your workout routine, but by adding your Jenga® GIANT™ game, you can make leg day the perfect fun day. Start playing your Jenga® GIANT™ game, and with each block taken out, perform the exercise written on it. Exercises can, for example, include 10-20 squats, 8-10 lunges per leg, 10-20 jumping squats, 8-12 burpees, 10-12 plank leg lifts. Adjust the quantity up or down as appropriate for your fitness level. Balancing a block on your head when doing some of the exercises will engage your core and make things way more fun! If you drop the block, you have to take out another block. One wrong move, and it’s game over!

Fitness Jenga® GIANT™: Arms and abs

Ready, set, stack those blocks to get fully toned and defined arms and abs! Add exercises such as knee push-ups, Russian twists, mountain climbers, push-ups to side planks, Pilates scissors, etc. But, instead of doing repetitions for each block you take out, the whole group has to do the exercises! Whoever does the most repetitions in a span of one minute gets to skip a turn and avoid crashing the tower. It’s your move!

Fitness Jenga® GIANT™: Full Body

If it’s intense exercise you're looking for to get your heart rate going, adding your Jenga® GIANT™ game will surely do that. Dancing is a great way to get your body moving and exercising each part of it. Add names of vibrant and active songs of different genres to the blocks. Then, each player has to dance to the song moving their whole body or they have to take out another block. For children, you can add high-energy songs such as “head, shoulder, knees and toes,” that can help them exercise every part of their body. This fitness activity will get you and your family and friends moving and laughing like never before!

Fitness Jenga® GIANT™: Stretching

Stretching is not only something to be done before or after a hard workout. It can be a full workout on its own. By adding stretching activities such as overhead triceps stretch, biceps stretch, cobra pose, seated butterfly stretch, downward dog, etc. to your Jenga® GIANT™ game you will be able to work out many muscles in your body. Adding other yoga poses to your Jenga® GIANT™ game is a great idea too!

All the fun of classic Jenga® but GIANT!

Get ready to move your body and be fit with fitness Jenga® GIANT™. Build the highest tower and train your muscles. Discover our giant Jenga® games at, pick the one you like most, and don’t forget to have GIANT-sized fun!