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Art’s Ideas: eco-friendly games

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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the environment. Many of the daily objects we use, including the board games we play with, can sometimes result in polluting our environment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the object is harmful, but maybe the materials it’s made from can require chemicals or processes in its creation that can be contaminating to our environment. On the other hand, eco-friendly means not harmful to the environment and it includes using certain recyclable materials to help reduce contamination. Art’s Ideas has a great eco-friendly game that uses fishing nets to help the environment.

What better way to help the environment than to buy a game that not only will entertain your friends and family but will also make the world a better place to live. It will improve air quality, save ocean life, and help improve our green footprint little by little. Become an expert in our eco-friendly games! It’s your move!

Discover the Jenga® Ocean™ game, an eco-friendly game from Art’s Ideas

Art’s Ideas has a perfect eco-friendly game: the Jenga® Ocean™ game with an incredible history. It is the same size as the classic Jenga® game, but discover how the Jenga® Ocean™ game is the perfect eco-friendly game available at

What makes the Jenga® Ocean™ game such an eco-friendly game

Recent research establishes that 18 billion pounds of plastic enter our oceans every year. Ten percent of this plastic is made up of fishing nets. Bureo, a company committed to keeping the oceans plastic free, pays fishermen for their used and broken nets so that they don’t throw them into the ocean. The process consists of gathering old fishing nets from local South American partners and taking them to a factory for mechanical shredding before they are melted and turned into pellets. These pellets make up the blocks of the Jenga® Ocean™ game, the first eco-friendly board game ever to be made 100% from recycled fishing nets, as well as other items such as frisbees, sunglasses, skateboards, hats, clothing and carpeting.

The artist behind the Jenga® Ocean™ game’s eco-friendly game blocks

Some of the pieces in the Jenga® Ocean™ game have marine animal designs. Lake Buckley, a surfer, designer, artist and explorer is behind these design pieces. She is a firm believer in rotational farming and recycling. Her love for the ocean was what led her to want to collaborate with Art’s Ideas and Bureo and design blocks with marine animals for the Jenga® Ocean™ game. These animals represent endangered marine wildlife, such as turtles, birds, seals, sharks, and other sea life. The idea behind the artwork is to bring consciousness to the player about the situation in the ocean and how recycling is important.

The Jenga® Ocean™ eco-friendly “Save the Ocean Animals” game rules

Half of the Jenga® Ocean™ game blocks have marine animal’s hand drawn by Lake Buckley. First, you play using the traditional Jenga® rules, however, as soon as the tower falls, each player tries to gather as many sea animal blocks as they can. Players earn 1 point for each animal they collect and the player who caused the tower to fall loses 5 points. Several rounds can be played to reach an agreed upon point total. Play to Help Save Ocean Animals!

Best eco-friendly game available from Art’s Ideas

The Jenga® Ocean™ game is not only eco-friendly. It even won the Spring 2018 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award for helping make the world a smarter and more thoughtful place. It helps raise awareness of issues such as marine life and the importance of the ocean to our ecosystem, as well as encouraging recycling. Start your journey into sustainability by getting your own Jenga® Ocean™ eco-friendly game, available from Art’s Ideas at

Help the earth by going eco-friendly! Get the whole family involved in making the Earth a better place. Discover the Jenga® Ocean™ eco-friendly game available at! All the fun of the classic Jenga® game, but made with RECYCLED plastic pieces!